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A non-matriculated student is a student taking courses on a part-time basis without earning a degree. You are not eligible for federal & state financial aid.
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Enter your eight digit H# (located on the back of your college ID). If you do not remember your H#, you can enter the last four digits of your social security number.

Important Information

Second Chance Policy

If three of more years have passed and your grade point average was less than a 2.0 you may be eligible. Contact the Registrar's Office for further information - 315-866-0300 x8580.

Financial Aid Maximum Time-Frame

Students eligibility for Federal financial aid (includes student loans) will be terminated at the point where 150% of the total hours required for a degree/certificate have been attempted. If a student changes major, the hours attempted and transferred under all courses of study at HCCC are included in the calculation of the maximum time frame. If you have attended HCCC for more than 4 full-time semesters or attempted over 70 credits, you should contact the financial aid office regarding your eligibility.